Read the dialogue and say where kate is going for her holidays.What name would you like to give to the dialogue.
ann^When are you going to have your holidays&
kate:in the autumn.I think I,ll have them in November.
ann: are you going to your countre house near Mosсow?
kate:No,i m not.Not this time.My family and i are going to Europe.
ann^ Lucky you!what places will you visit&
kate^ We ll go to one of the most beautiful places in the world.It is very hot there in the summer,but its weather is pleasant and nice in the spring and in the autumn/
ann^ Is this place near the sea&
kate^ No,it isnt.It stands on a big river and it is very,very old.
There are a lot of interesting places there.
ann^Is it in spain&
kate*No,it is not.It is in Italy.
ann^Oh!I know what it is.It s.........


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Where kate is going for her holidays? Kate is going to Rome for her holidays.
What name would you like to give to the dialogue? Kate's plans for holidays.

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